How to earn daily 500 VC in NBA 2K20

The NBA 2K20 is here but you may be interested to get more VC in this game. In this post, we guide you on how to earn daily Virtual Currency in NBA 2K20 for free. If you don’t know before there is a program called MyNBA2K20 and it is available on Android and iOS.


This free app enables you to find more experience of NBA 2K experience and it may be useful in many ways for the game. The main purpose of this apps is you will need this apps to scan your face for MyPlayer ID.

Step by step instruction on how to earn daily 500 VC in NBA2K20

  1. Download MyNBA2K20 apps on your phones
  2. Signup / Login in the apps
  3. Link your Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, or Steam Accounts
  4. Login daily and Earn 500 VC each day

On third step you are going to need to link your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam accounts, and as soon as you do so you will get some additional bonuses.

Every day in MyNBA2K20 lets you earn 500 virtual currencies that can be used over the primary console game. Gaining and getting VC throughout the NBA 2K program might be simpler. With this app, you don’t really have to use the apps to get a daily 500 VC.

Simply logging to the program every day on your mobile device or iPad you may make up to 500 VC bonuses. It’s fast and simple and might only be the difference between VC which you will need for something particular on.

If you are considering spending a great deal of time with your MyPlayer at NBA 2K20, this is worth checking out as some thoughts start you could get is essential.